The Smarter Camper

Fixing a Hole #

As I mentioned in the touchscreen mounting post the cable placement forced me to put a pretty ugly and visible hole in my closet door. I pondered a lot of different ideas to fix that hole.

A wall plate would have been simple, but still pretty ugly.

I could set the monitor into the door and put a cover over it, but that just created new problems with mounting things up and hiding.

And then, looking at the scrap wood pile, I had a revelation. An epiphany. Like a bolt of lightning flashing across the sky, a message was delivered to me. I knew what to do.

I saw some left-over L-shaped wood outer corner trim. If I cut one side down to the screen depth, it might work.

After carefully measuring and cutting, I glued it together with some spare wood providing some extra spacing and strength.

Clamping the frame

Test-fitting went well. No hole no mo'

Test fitting

I drilled a hole in the lower corner for a piece of dowel that allowed me to still press the on/off button, painted it white and screwed it in place from the back. Problem solved!

The completed screen frame
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