The Smarter Camper

Uh-oh #

I knew just unplugging the Pi wasn't a great idea and could eventually lead to SD card corruption. I knew that intermittent short in the power lines was creating hard shutdowns way more than was smart. I thought it would be OK until I got it sorted out.

I was wrong.

Yup, I corrupted the SD card. Reformatting it didn't resolve it. It had a bad block. So let this be a lesson.

  1. Treat your card kindly, or you will corrupt it.
  2. Have a backup strategy in place.
  3. Don't ignore the little problems, or they will become bigger problems.

I get some small slack because the power supply issues were largely due to the installation of an amp -- more on that to come -- but still. Everything had to come to a halt while I dismantled the box, pulled the Pi out, pulled the SD card out and worked through it.

And then I had to remember all the steps I had taken to set that card up. For future reference, I'm trying to document those steps here...

Edit: Originally I included setup instructions here, but they've grown enought to merit their own page.

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