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Details on wiring a Pi power switch #

Wiring up a Pi power switch seems like it should be the simplest thing imaginable. It is not. There's a surprising large number of things you'll need to work through. That said, it's not that hard once you sort through a gazillion how-to guides to find the one that makes sense.

The key is to use a momentary switch with a resistor built in, so you're protecting the Pi. I used this power button with LED and have been happy with the results.

There are nice, helpful scripts in the the Pi Power Button repo and
related instructions, which make the scripting part pretty straightforward.

Note when you're following the instructions, the files don't have to be written -- they're in the repo. Just use cp to move them where you need them and be sure to chmod them to set the permissions.
A simple tutorial
took care of the LED portion of the switch.

One catch: because there's a power switch and an LED, you have to think through the GPIO pins a little more. I used 5 and 6 for the Power button, as outlined in the instructions, then used 8 and 14 for the LED.

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